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Update, 16 August 2016.Breast differ in size among many women. In most societies, bigger breasts are considered to be better than the smaller ones. Big breasts are considered as a sign of beauty and this is the reason why many women with small breasts are seeking to increase their breasts sizes. Women with small breast may suffer from low self esteem and hence lack confidence. The surgical procedure that is used to increase the size of the bosom is referred to as augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation. In this procedure, implants are placed under the chest muscles.
Most women will consider augmentation mammoplasty as a way to boost their confidence and self-image. However, this surgical process may also be used to reconstruct breasts that have been damaged by surgery or any other condition that may affect the breasts. There are two major types that are used in breast augmentation surgery i.e. silicone and saline implants. In this article, we are going to look deeper into silicon implants.

Preparing for silicon breast implantation surgery

Before you undergo the surgery, the surgeon will first explain to you the options at your disposal. You will discuss matters related to the preferred size of the breast, texture and the general appearance of the breast. The doctor will also shed more light with regard to the surgical techniques available. Before you undergo the surgery, there are some basic factors that you should understand;
· this surgical procedure will not stop breast sagging. If you want to stop the sagging, you may have to undergo breast lift in addition to the breast augmentation.
· There is no guarantee that this surgery will last for a lifetime. The implants could rapture and also other changes in the body such as weight gain or weight loss could change the appearance of the breasts.
· You should be prepared for regular MRI scans. It is advisable that you go for these scans after every two years.
· Breastfeeding might become complicated. Although not every woman will have difficulty breastfeeding, there are a few who will experience this problem.

What to expect during the surgical procedure
To insert the silicone implant, the surgeon will make a small incision in one of the following three places;
· Around the nipple which is also called periareolar,
· Under the arm or axillary,
· On the crease under the breast or inframammary.
After making the incision, the doctor will then separate the breast tissues from chest muscles. This procedure will consequently create a pocket where the implant will be inserted and centred behind the nipple. It is important to note that the silicone implants will first be filled with silicone gel before being inserted. Once the implant has been position properly, the incision will be closed with stitches.

Silicone Implants vs. Saline Implants

What to expect after the surgical procedure
Just like in any other surgery, after breast augmentation, you will experience soreness as well as bruising. There will also be scars which will fade with time. During the healing period, it is advisable to put on sports bra or compression bandages to provide extra support to the breasts. You are advised to follow the surgeon’s instructions to the latter to ensure effective healing. Breast augmentation is a minor surgery and therefore you will be able to return to job within a few days.
If after the surgery you experience redness and warmth on the mamma, this could be an indication of an infection and you should contact your doctor immediately. Also don’t hesitate to contact the surgeon if you experience chest pains or shortness of breath.
Saline boob implants

Advantages of using Silicone in breast augmentation
Silicone gel is known to provide a more natural feel and look. The breasts are soft to touch and look very natural. When properly inserted, it would be difficult to distinguish them from a natural bust.
The risk of rippling is far less likely to happen to women with silicone as compared to those with saline implants. This is due to the fact that silicon is more viscous than saline and so it does not slosh or move as saline does. Women with little mamma tissues as well as those who have little body fat can enjoy these breasts without the fear of rippling effect.

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