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Rhinoplasty is a good choice for those who want to change their
nose shape. This procedure can make your nose smaller or bigger.
It can also alter its angle and make changes to correct indentations or bumps.
Your doctor will make some incisions in your nose to get to the cartilage
and bones that support your nose. The incisions are made inside your nose
and this means that you do not have to worry about them being visible once
the procedure is complete.infographic-rhinoplasty-2014

A rhinoplasty specialist can also remove some of the cartilage or bone and
add tissue from different parts of the body to get the precise look that
you want. The surgical intervention can be carried out when you are under local or
general anesthesia. Most patients do not have to stay in hospital overnight
after the surgery but some may have to be admitted for observation for a
few hours. A rhinoplasty specialist is usually trained in otorlaryngology,
a professional who specializes in throat, ear, and nose issues. The
specialist can also be a plastic surgeon or have qualifications in both fields.


Rhinoplasty will vary depending on the specific method that you
want done. The surgeon’s fee takes up a huge percentage of the cost. Their
experience is one of the aspects that will determine how much the surgeon
will charge you. But you also have to consider operating room facilities
and anesthesia. You will be required to undergo some medical tests and this
can increase the costs.

If you choose to have this procedure carried out to improve your breathing,
it can be covered by your health insurance provider. The provider will have
to confirm that your airway is obstructed to cover the operation.

Do you Qualify?

You may want to have this intervention done but you have to be a good
candidate. The doctor has to make sure that your facial features have
stopped growing before they can carry out the procedure. You also need to
be in good health and not a smoker. During consultation, your doctor has to
determine your goals for the procedure and whether your expectations are
realistic. This is essential because the procedure is not going to perform
any miracle.

Recovery Process

Once the rhinoplasty procedure has been performed, the doctor will
place a splint inside the nose. The splint is important because your nose
needs to be supported during the recovery process. This splint will also
protect any structures that grow as your nose heals.

It may take about a year for your nasal contour to refine completely. You
will notice some slight changes in your nose before you get permanent
changes. Expect some inflammation especially in the mornings. You will get
instructions on how to take care of your nose after the procedure. The
doctor may prescribe some oral or topical medications to reduce your
chances of getting an infection. Consult your doctor as soon as you notice
anything that is out of the ordinary during recovery. Your doctor will
schedule a follow up visit to ensure potential complications are addressed
in good time.

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You have to be prepared for risks if you are considering rhinoplasty.
Weigh the benefits and potential risks involved before you sign
up for the procedure. A professional doctor will highlight all the risks
involved and ask you to sign a consent form to indicate that you are made
an informed decision when you undergo the procedure. Some of the risks that
you can suffer from include poor healing, infections, breathing
difficulties, swelling, pain or numbness. You also need to be prepared for
unsatisfactory outcomes. The procedure may not offer the kind of results
that you expected.


How to Prepare

You will need to undergo lab tests before rhinoplasty to make sure
you are a good candidate for the surgery. It may be necessary to take
specific medications or adjust any prescription medication doses that you
are taking to prepare your body. The doctor will request you to stop
smoking because it can slow down your healing. If you are taking herbal
supplements, anti-inflammatory medication or aspirin, you have to stop
because they tend to increase bleeding. As a patient, it is your responsibility to
find the most experienced doctorto perform the rhinoplasty. This will prevent
potential complications.


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