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History in Brisbane Queensland


The history of Brisbane began in 1799. Despite what people think, the history of Brisbane is very interesting. There are so many things that you need to know about Brisbane. It was first occupied by turrbal aboriginal and jagera tribes. It was colonized by the Britain from Sydney. The Europeans settled in the area in 1799. Brisbane became a free settlement in 1838 because it was suitable for timbering, farming and fishing among other occupations. Before the Europeans settled in the area, the river was one of the sources of life. The river supplied the residents with shellfish, fish, shrimp and crab. In 1859, it became a municipality. Read on to find out more about the history of Brisbane.

Origin of Brisbane name

It was named after Sir Thomas Brisbane who was a colonial administrator. At the time when the city was being named after the sir Thomas Brisbane, he was the governor of New South Wales. Brisbane was a few miles from Sidney. However, Sydney was more populated as compare to Brisbane city. It was in Brisbane where offenders were sent after they committed a number of dangerous crimes. This later changed and the city became very popular.


There were several people in early Brisbane who made it worth it. Andrew Petrie is one of the great names in early Brisbane. He was one of the builders who had the responsibility of constructing buildings. John Williams is also a great name and was responsible for taking care of the needs of south east squatters in Queensland. The one who was responsible for creation of sugar industry was known as john Buhot. The city also had governors who were commonly referred to as Queensland governors. The governors governed the city before and after it became a state. There were also lawyers who ensured that law and order wad maintained in the city. The doctors in this city were there to ensure that the residents received proper medical attention.


There is a great history behind the structure of Brisbane in Queensland. There were strong buildings some of which are still in use today. Stanley Street started from Milton reach on Brisbane River and ends in the east Brisbane. Stanley Street was the main area of business in south Brisbane. Other structures include sand gate rail, graving dock, Victoria bridges, woolloongabba rail which was meant to cater for the ports in Brisbane, breakfast Creek Bridge, proposed bridges, Wickham Street was the original route that was used to go to the fortitude valley and new Sand gate road which was a deviation from the road leading to sand gate. All these contributed to making Brisbane a great place. The infrastructure back in the day ensured that the residents were able to move easily from one place to the next. This also improved trade between this city and its neighbors. This is what led to the growth of the city to what is now called modern Brisbane that we now have and enjoy.

The modern Brisbane

In 1982, Brisbane hosted the commonwealth games and in 1988 it held the world’s fair. This event made Brisbane popular. In as much as the city has been striving to behind Melbourne and Sydney with regards to cultural stakes; it is now thriving when it comes to arts. In the middle eighties, Brisbane became known for a number of protests. It was couples with clashes and riots. These were between police, union workers, students and the government of Queensland. The city had improved air as a result of closure of two power stations. This led to a drop in the pollution level. Brisbane has been very popular because of the tourists who visit the city from time to time. It experiences an increased number of tourists because it is close to Sydney.

Brisbane history has come from far but it has managed to become well known cities in Australia. It has grown to be the largest. It has really improved from what it was in the eighties and nineties. It has become well know for tourist destinations. Each year, this city gets a lot of tourists given that it is also near Sydney. Apart from being near Sydney, the city also has his tourist attractions that make it famous.