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What Is Mastopexy?

A breast lift or a mastopexy in medical terms may become necessary sometime in a woman’s life. The procedure is used to elevate and strengthen the breasts especially when there is sag that comes most naturally with age. Much of the time it is conducted together with breast enhancement as a complimentary. The surgeon will remove the excess skin here and tighten the surrounding tissue to remodel the breast and making firm and erect again.

Naturally, as the woman continues to count the years in life, the skin will lose its natural elasticity and begin to diminish in strength. The breasts will automatically sag and droop as they lose their firmness and that means the shape also takes flight. It is at this point that a woman will want to consider the breast enhancement procedure under consideration. You will want to think about the following before you make a step:
1. Are there any risks involved? – It is important to remember this is a medical procedure and it is possible that there are some risks involved. Talk to your physician about it.

2. How long before I recover? – A few weeks should be sufficient for a recovery to take place and may be a few more for the scars to disappear completely. That would like something many women will take in stride.

3. Are there any benefits? – Any woman who wants to retain that youthful look of a few years ago will surely benefit from this breast enhancement technique. It boosts your self-esteem to give you time to worry about other important issues in life.

Breast Lift Surgical Techniques

The world of plastic surgery is fraught with procedures and techniques that can be used for this process. Depending on the size of your breast and how far the sag has gone, your doctor will advise you on what is best for you. For more satisfying results, there are women who will prefer to have a breast enhancement procedure conducted concurrently with a mastopexy. This works especially well for those women who consider the size of their breast to be important.

Who performs the procedure?

The breast is central to a woman’s sexuality and whole existence. So any woman who has undergone pregnancy or child birth or who is catching up on age is a good candidate for a mastopexy. The most important thing is the choice of a fitting surgeon. There are many elective surgeons who have specialized on this procedure, so you are better of getting the right person. You do not only want one who performs the procedure well but one who will be there during the after surgery recovery period.

Whenever we seek any medical attention, we would always depend on the medical professional to know exactly what he/ she is doing. Moreover, such a professional would always know when something is wrong because he/ she knows how your physical status should be in an entirely healthy state.

This is also the case when seeking such cosmetic medical services as a breast lift. A surgeon should know exactly how a perfectly normal breast would look like and what constitutes an abnormality.

However, since cosmetic surgery also involves various aesthetic aspects, you would also expect the medical professional to understand what constitutes a beautiful breast and what doesn’t.

A recent study, published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal revealed what most people – including experts – consider to be the perfect breast shape. Perhaps, these findings would play a fundamental role in the choices you make when considering breast surgery.

Moreover, if you had assumed that a 50:50 ratio was the ideal, this study shows that it isn’t as favored as the 45:55 ratio. Perhaps, you might have seen a lot of media subliminal messaging extolling the 50:50 breast ratio, which might have led you to assume that it would be the best for you. It turns out; it surely isn’t a preferred choice for most people.

The proper surgeon will advice whether you need only the procedure alone or may consider placement of an implant to make your breast firmer. Today, there are modified lifts that have been developed with the intention of reducing the number of scars that remain on your chest. Be sure to ask you doctor for the best procedure for you and enjoy the look of youthfulness for long.