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Update, 2. February 2017. The range of brazilian implants available presently include Saline breast implants, Silicone bosom implants, gummy bear (form-stable) implants and many other but the most significant addition to the list is the P-ure or polyurethane breast implants also known as “Brazilian implants”. Developed in the late 1980’s, Brazilians have gained significant importance in the field of cosmetic surgery. The polyurethane bosom implants are being largely used in Australia after its approval in the year 2008 by the Therapeutic Goods Administration Department of the Australian Government. With a high success rate and negligible complication rate cosmetic surgeons all around the world suggest this type of implants to their patients.


Brazilian or Tear Drop implants have become popular foam silicone based plants among cosmetic surgeons in Australia as the side effects or after effects of the Tear Drops are significantly less than that of other types of bosom inserts. This particular type  have shown recognition among patients as more and more women are opting for this implants owing to its positive aspects and minimal post surgery complications. Before considering any other form, we consider whether our patients are compatible.

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The two important advantages that polyurethane or Brazilian breasts have over other types of silicone and saline bosom implants are:


Significantly reduced Capsular Contracture


Every breast implant by nature over time becomes surrounded by a thin fibrous membrane which is known as a “capsule”. When this fibrous membrane starts to shrink, it causes deformity of the breast making it harder and firmer than it should be which can only be repaired by revision surgery. Capsular contraction is reportedly the most common reason for revision surgery after the augmentation surgery. Studies show that within 10 years of having smoothed and texture bosom implants, 19.1% patients developed capsular contractions which lead to revision surgery.

On the contrary, Polyurethane Foam covered  implants were found to have a drastically lower rate of capsular contraction of the bosom. Many doctors from around the world have reported the significantly lower capsule contraction rate in the patients and our patients who have been diagnosed using Brazilian  have also shown a dramatically lower rate of complications and have been extremely satisfied.


No Displacement or Descent of the bust due to the implants


After a certain period of time due to activities and movement, the displacement of the bosom implant from its former position is among the leading reasons of cosmetic revision surgery. It is the second highest reason of revision breast argumentation surgery after capsule contraction and the displacement or rotation of the implant causes a deformity which can only be fixed by returning the bosom implant to its former position.

However, the Implants owing to their Velcro like adherence to the pocket walls, does not form deformation of the bust. The composition of the Polyurethane Foam covered implants makes them unsusceptible to rotation and thus completely eliminates any possible risk of revision surgery due to implant displacement. These properties have made Brazilian boob implants  a popular choice among our patients which provides the best results with negligible amount of complications involved.


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Breast augmentation is preferred by women of all ages and for different purposes, for some it may be a matter of appearing sexually confident and for some it may be a way to feel more feminine about themselves. Women also go for bosom augmentation after a breast cancer surgery or after having children and thus it is a matter of feeling confident about one’s body. Although polyurethane Brazilian breast implants are gaining significance worldwide among cosmetic surgeons and prospective patients, not all cosmetic surgeons offer the service of breast augmentation with Tear Drop implants in Brisbane. To the dismay of patients, due to different medical reasons, not all patients are suited for Brazilian implants and some may be better suited for other types. However, we believe that every patient who intends to go for a breast augmentation surgery must be given the chance to consider this types of implants due its significant benefits over others and hence suggest bosom augmentation with Brazilian implants. Go for Polyurethane Foam covered implants and make yourself to look better.

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