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Australia’s Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures Of 2016 – Forecast for 2017


Reconstruction plastic surgery is basically used to improve appearance and function in cases of abnormalities and defects. In Australia, health and Medicare insurance plans cover for these procedures, but this may depend on your specific procedure and plan. There are a few risks associated with plastic surgery, and patients should always take time and effort to find the most qualified professional to carry out the procedures.

So what were the Australia’s Most Popular plastic surgery procedures of 2016? This article outlines the five most widely performed surgeries in Australia in 2016, and what each of them is designed to achieve. A research carried out on 650,000 Australians by RealSelf, revealed that 79 percent of female are likely to have a plastic surgery procedure done on them compare to 21 percent male. Having said that, here are the top five procedures that Australians sort out for in 2016.

1. Breast augmentation and breast implants

Breast augmentation and implant was common sort after plastic surgery procedure nationwide. Breast surgery is performed for a number of reasons, both cosmetic and medical. Some of the common reasons include the desire to increase the size of the breasts to be proportionate to the rest of the body, mothers wanting to restore the size and shape of breasts after pregnancy and restoring breasts after a breast cancer or other illness.

Generally, breast surgery is used to adjust the shape and size of a woman’s breast –it has been widely used to balance out the differences in breast volume or size after pregnancy. Patients can choose from either saline or Silicone gel implants. However, as with most plastic surgeries, there are a few risks associated with breast surgery including loss of nipple sensation and infection. Be sure to discuss these with your physician before making your final decision.

2. Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery is performed on the nose with the aim of shaping or straightening the nose. Rhinoplasty accounted for 7% of all the plastic surgeries performed in 2016 in Australia. The procedure is increasingly becoming popular among Australians as patients are now becoming more educated about the myths surrounding plastic surgery and the stigma around this topic is becoming less.

The most common reasons people go for nose surgery is to correct breathing problems resulting from the nose structure obscuring the airways and to improve the look of their nose. Frequent changes that most Australians requested for include adjusting the size of the bridge, shape of the Nostrils, correction of a deviated septum, length or width of the nose, and prominent bumps or depressions of the nose.

3. Facelift

By now you must be very familiar with the effects of gravity and stress to our face as we age –fat deposits, wrinkles and folds are just but a few. While most people choose to bear these changes, a few others decide to go for a little enhancement through plastic surgery.

This was the 3rd most popular plastic surgery in Australia last year. A facelift can help you reduce the visible signs of aging. The skin may be pulled, underlying muscles tightened, fat trimmed and skin left tight and smooth. You may, however, need a little aftercare maintenance if the surgery is extensive –if you decide to go along these lines, be sure to discuss aftercare practices with your physician.

4. Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a procedure used to remove excess fat and skin, eliminate stretch marks and tighten loose muscles around the abdomen. It has been used by many Australians for several years now to dramatically tighten and smoothen tummies that have been stretched a little too far as a result of weighed gain or after pregnancy. It’s a relatively safe plastic surgery procedure most common in who wish to get a more defined waist.

5. Liposuction

Liposuction has remained the best procedure to eliminate excess fat localized in areas that do not respond to exercise and diet. Although this procedure is common in obese individuals for weight control, it is a major surgery that should be carried out in a professional hospital setting with close monitoring.

Most plastic surgeons in Australia utilize a limited version of liposuction to bumps in the abdomen, thighs, hips, flanks and buttocks. There are however various variants of liposuction including the traditional liposuction, laser assisted, ultrasound assisted, tumescent liposuction, “aqua” liposuction and few more that are not yet widely accepted.


When it comes to choosing a plastic surgery procedure suitable for you, it’s important to understand that one procedure that worked for your friend, may not necessarily work for you. Even though all the above procedures are being done safely by doctors around Australia, it’s critical to have a one on one consultation with a specialized doctor first for customized advice before you can make your final decision.