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Are you unhappy with your breasts- too small? too large? uneven?

Plastic Surgery in Brisbane with over 20 years experience

Having a good looking body is every woman’s wish. Sadly, this is not always the case. For
women who would like to upgrade their bosoms to suit their desires, breast augmentation is available. This is the surgical step that allows women to enhance the shape of their breasts to look bigger and fuller in most cases. During this surgical proceeding, implants are
usually inserted to offer a fuller appearance. The good news is that there are experienced surgeons available to offer breast augmentation.

What are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are a variety of prosthesis that allows a cosmetic surgeon change the actual form and size of a woman’s breasts. Basically, it allows a woman to have fuller and larger
breasts usually for cosmetic motives. This process can be done for those women that have
had mastectomy that actually helps them recuperate some of the natural appearances of the breast that have already been removed or augmented.

Now that you are aware of why this method is carried out, let’s look at the different types available.

Breast Augmentation

Contrary to popular belief, breast enlargement is not designed for celebrities only. Any woman who wants to have a better-looking bust can get one. Remember there are different reasons why individuals decide to get a boob job. Most of their reasons are confidence –related. Women know that men are most likely to look at their chest at one time or another. A good looking butt is not only attractive but also helps to boost one’s confidence.

Different Types of Implants

The first breast implants to be manufactured were saline implants. Manufactured first in the 1900s, these silicone implants are in fact filled with saline which is a solution of sterile saltwater that gives them an appearance of natural breast once implantation takes place.

The other type is the silicone gel implant. Most women prefer these types of implants since they feel like much more natural. In case they leak they may result to complications which can create significant health risks, therefore, look for an experienced surgeon to perform this operation. Gel implants are the most popular here in Queensland. For Information about the cost and prices please contact our surgeons.


What to Expect for breast enlargement

The excitement of an improved look and enhanced personal perception are extremely important in one’s life, but it is important to know more about mastopexy as well as what to expect.

Basically, after the boob job, you will definitely find that your bosom will be bigger and fuller. You might, in fact, transform the size of your bra and also affect some of your clothes. The best thing about this is that having firmer and fuller breasts will definitely make you look good in your clothes. Like most women who go under the knife and that that have experienced good results after the procedure, you will, therefore, feel better regarding your appearance. Research has shown that most women who undergo breast augmentation Brisbane are actually happier and more confidence after the operation is successfully completed.

On the day of the surgery, you are expected to arrive at the clinic at least one hour before the operation. During the breast augmentation and breast reduction work, anesthesia and other treatments will definitely be used to help relieve the discomfort and make the patient sedated so as not to feel any pain and discomfort. Surgical transactions are normally performed in clinics or supervised medical centers. However, some surgeons use anesthetic techniques in office-based spaces.

What to Consider

When planning to undergo Brazilian implants, the first thing to consider is safety. Over the years, there have been horror stories of breast surgeries gone wrong and bringing a lot of concerns to those considering the procedure. Although this is true of the yesteryears, there have been some major advances in the medical field. The silicone implants of yesteryears were liquid whereas the ones used today are “cohesive”, and much safer.

The cost will vary from one clinic to another. It is also important to appreciate the fact that, just like other products, silicone implants vary in quality. Price should not be the only consideration when you are shopping around. There are several plastic surgeons. When searching for a good breast augmentation clinic in Brisbane, keep in mind that plastic surgeons also have different years of expertise and experience.

The process should also include finding out if the Brazilian implants will be compatible with your own body. When it comes to getting a boob job, it is also important to consider the surgeon you are interested in. You certainly went someone who has the experience in the industry, an expert well respected and highly regarded in the field.

The Recovery Process

If your job is less physically strenuous, you will most likely go back to work within one to two weeks after the procedure. Nonetheless, if your job is physically demanding, you will need to rest for up to two weeks. Many women are able to return to their normal day-to-day activities within two weeks.

Getting a boob job or a liposuction is a great option for those who want to boost their self confidence. With the right professional performing the surgery, the outcome is an attractive, firmer and fuller bosom that will make you look better and give you a lot of confidence.

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